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 Thank you so much for stopping us. Personally, I m John Lukacs I am the Lucky..
I would like first of all on the menu bar invite in connection registration if register, then each new work we We emailed you. Almost 17 years now deal with the tattoos, recognized as a professional artist. Hungary and Germany are working on. Lucky Tattoo tattoo studio, which is in Debrecen 4024 Batthyany 12 where we welcome our returning and new guests!


 All those who have given their heads tetováltatásra, look at it, and then act, that s exactly what it is you want to do print - to devote to it half an hour, an hour, to see who and what they can offer. See, look, informed! Since this is for a lifetime, and no matter what rest of our lives we wear on our skin.
The book is under the following link available, or pdf. version can be downloaded.



Enjoy your stay in page while browsing, and thank you attention honored us.
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